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Chica and the Night Guard - Poker Face [FNAF Animation MV]

Chica and the Night Guard - Poker Face [FNAF Animation MV] Music By Lady Gaga - Poker Face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bESGLojNYSo Hey :3 So I decided to try a little FNAF, as you can see…. This is the first time I used shading, lighting and of course, draw my own backgrounds. This video took me way longer than most of the TF2 videos but I enjoyed the process of learning new things. Please forgive the fact there aren’t really any jokes in this one, It was more an experimental video. But I hope you can get a giggle or two out of it :) Here’s a Touching Story: I’m gonna be really busy the next couple a months, but I do have plans for another TF2 video and have been really hyped to make it. On the other hand, I just wanted to say, I love TF2, but that doesn’t mean I will only post TF2 videos. ( I mean I got other animations on my channel that are not TF2, just that no one watches them) I have plans for Portal 2 and Counter Strike, and some old TF2 ideas I never got the chance to g
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