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"The Day Democracy Died" Sung by Founders Sing

"The Day Democracy Died" Sung by Founders Sing Some of the Founders and Framers of the Constitution did more than turn over in their graves... they actually resurfaced to sing “The Day Democracy Died.” That, plus they “dig those rhythm and blues! SUBSCRIBE 'CAUSE THERE'S MORE TO COME! Follow on on Twitter: @founderssing and on Facebook: facebook.com/FoundingFathersSing. Featured are in order of appearance: George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Below are the lyrics: THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED A long long time ago A Tuesday in November  When that sinking feeling laid us low  And we knew if he had his way That we’d all live to curse the day When decency received a fatal blow His bankruptcies got no attention  Pussy-grabbing — barely mentioned Promising a great wall  He swore to make tax rates fall  I still remember how I tried To have sympathy for his third bride But som
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Without me&Salt||GLMV

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