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Replay | Roscosmos Proton-M/Blok DM-03 Rocket Launch | Elektro-L No.3

Replay | Roscosmos Proton-M/Blok DM-03 Rocket Launch | Elektro-L No.3 The design and manufacture of Electro-L spacecraft is carried out in accordance with the Federal Space Program of Russia. Spacecraft are part of the Electro geostationary hydrometeorological space system and are designed to provide units of the Russian Federal Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Service, as well as other departments with operational hydrometeorological information for: synoptic analysis and weather forecast on a global scale (the nature and parameters of cloud formations, frontal sections, features of air mass circulation, natural hydrometeorological phenomena); analysis and prediction of the state of the seas of the seas and oceans (waves, sea surface temperature, coastal surges); analysis of spatio-temporal changes in the state of snow cover, moisture reserves in order to predict the growth of crops; analysis and prediction of conditions for aviation flights (ballast and height of the u
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The Therapist: Chief Keef

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Mực Nướng Muối Ớt...!!!

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Hành tinh đồ chơi

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The Busbys | Don’t you ever grow up

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vi yeu_ kasim hoang vu

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Sao Đành Xa Em - NGỌC LAN

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TOP 10 GOALS - 115 jaar Ajax

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Scientists Have Shown Who The Yeti Is

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